Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Free Pizza for a Simple Guess

That's right...Papa John's is giving away a large 1-ingredient pizza if you guess correctly on the Superbowl coin toss. Doesn't cost a thing to enter -- and who wouldn't enjoy a warm, gooey slice of pizza, if you're right?

Go here to register. If you're right, you get an e-mail coupon after Feb. 4. Good luck...

(not that I don't enjoy seeing Peyton Manning on this commercial, but the Broncos aren't going to be anywhere near Superbowl Stadium in February. Sigh...) 

UPDATE:  I didn't win, but I learned a lesson -- if you enter yourself and a second person, either of you has a 50/50 chance to win. In my case, Daughter #2 enjoyed a fresh, hot free pizza -- and I had to make do with only half off. Darn. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

P&G Samples, with a simple Click!

Welcome to the new year! It's nice to have a bright, shiny one, ready to use. Who knows what opportunities will come our way...

And speaking of opportunities, Proctor & Gamble has a "P&G Everyday" program that offers a batch of coupons and samples waiting for you -- with just a simple signup! And they'll be available at regular periods throughout the year, as well.

Here's your chance to try some things...and have coupons ready for stocking up on basics like shampoo, toothpaste and such.

Go here to sign up.  Click the 'samples' box, after you register.

P.S. I had a heck of a time initially submitting the page, once I'd checked the samples I wanted. After you scroll down as far as you can, hit 'Tab' -- it will take you to page end. Then hit 'Enter' to submit. 

Thanks, Northern Cheapskate, for sharing this opportunity!