Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Holiday Thoughts...in June!

Maybe it's the sizzling temps and hot winds we've had to endure lately, but I find myself reading Christmas stories. Thinking about snow and cold weather is one way to cool off!

In the same vein, I've started to think --
What are we going to give for Christmas this year?

Better now than later, here are three excellent links that give a lot of ideas:

The Get Rich Slowly Holiday Gift Spectacular. (But don't miss their "Ask the Readers" ideas for frugal Christmas presents and traditions, either.)
Plonkee has some good ideas for frugal purchased gifts. (Broke Grad has some helpful thoughts on the subject, too!)

Those balls of interesting yarns have been in the corner for a year -- I want to knit some of the people in my life some swanky, warm house socks. I also want to cross-stitch names on the family's Christmas stockings. (Marker on 3 x 5 cards, pinned to the sock, has worked far too well for too long.)  I was even thinking about mixing dough for some of our favorite cookies now, and stashing it in the freezer -- we may use it up before Christmas, but maybe not!

One thought: Daughter #1 is a whiz at covering blank books and notebooks with unusual fabrics and wallpaper...I wish she'd do a whole set for me this season. (I may just give her the blank books, as a little hint.  :)

It might be a good time for you to start considering this subject, too...at the least, it will keep you thinking cool.

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