Saturday, November 9, 2013

Free Meals for Veterans on Veterans Day

The Brick comes from a military family -- his dad was career Navy, one brother career Air Force and the other, career Navy. The Brick himself spent six years in the Navy before I met him.

My own dad did his military stint in the Army, and my grandfather and uncles also served in the military. Their work -- and the sacrifices of the many who've served over the years -- have given us a warm spot in our heart for anyone who's a veteran.

That's what makes all these specials, offered by many different restaurants on Veterans Day, so moving. I'm glad they recognize our heroes' (and heroines') service, too.

If you're active or a veteran, take advantage -- the list, so far, is here, and includes many of the major chains, from Applebee's to Red Robin.

Enjoy. And thank the next soldier, when you see them, for what they're doing on our behalf.

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