Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ten Steps to Get Out of Debt


...or in other words, Stop Spending So Much Money and Pay For What You Already Spent!

I'd also add:

Find a way to get paid for what you normally spend on.

I've tried Mystery Shopping -- that pays for food out. For years, I was one of the mystery critics for the Traildust Restaurant chain. A steak dinner for me AND Husband, paid for after I filled out a critique form on our visit? What a burden that was! :)

Also, for normally a year now, I've been a member in an investment club. Once or twice a week, I go online, check their subjects, post my own comments and take a survey or two...and I get a $20 Amazon gift card every month I do it, plus some extras. Has this paid for books I needed for research? Presents? Specialty groceries that were already on sale?

You bet.

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