Sunday, April 5, 2009

Working From Home

Do you work from home?

I do...sort of. The basement floor of our house is dedicated to Brickworks -- not only my office, but a sewing/storage room, a library area (which I hope to clean up and use for classes this summer), and a HUGE open area with a fireplace at one end, and stacks of drawers, shelves, etc. all the way down the walls. A cutting table, put on sort-of stilts/bricks by my dad, who realized his 5' 7" daughter was leaning over too much, and hurting her back. Bolts of fabrics lining the wall, and a huge schrunk (wardrobe with mirrored doors) that houses most of my teaching quilt collection. (That's somewhere between 150-200 quilts and tops. whew.)

My problem -- stuff is scattered EVERYWHERE. Particularly now that I'm trying to finish up this book. So when the book's submitted -- guess who's dedicating at least 3 DAYS to picking up and putting stuff away! Even one day will make all the difference.

Gather Little by Little has some excellent tips for working from home:

I can add:
*Double dishes -- if you're doing a casserole, make double -- put one in the freezer. (Those have really saved my life this past few weeks.)
*Spend at least 15 min. a day putting things away or cleaning...the upstairs looks better, even with this bit of care!
*Don't answer the phone. Return your calls at the end of the day.
*Don't check e-mail more than once -- and if you can, don't check on the weekends. Gives you a nice break.
*Take a day off, even if you're self-employed. I try hard to reserve Sundays just for life -- taking an afternoon nap, maybe doing some cooking, reading a book I want to read. This lasts, for me, from daybreak through nightfall. (I broke the rule today and did work -- and will work tonight. But that's unusual.)

The most important thing to remember: no matter how important your biz is, it's NOT as important as your family and friends. And your faith. They count. The most.

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